88 - Tagliatelle a nido


  1. Immagine packaging
  2. Cooking time:
    6 minutes
    500 g.

…they unite and divide, blend and separate; perfect for creating harmony and equilibrium in any dish.


DID YOU KNOW: The Italian Cooking Accademy after much research decreed that the width of Bolognese Tagliatelle cooked and served must corresppnd to 12.270ths of the height of the Asinelli tower in the centre of Bologna! That is 8 mm precisely; the thickness is not specified, but real conisseurs sustanin that it mut be between 6 and 8 tenths of a mm; regarding the length, an old proverb says “ conti corti e tajadei lunghe” ( short accounts and long tagliatelle). A gold reproduction of the perfect tagliatelle was presented by the Academy to the Bolognese Chamber of Commerce and is on display to settle any dispute!

Tagliatelle a nido 88