5 - Wholemeal Spaghetti


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  2. Cooking time:
    9 minutes
    500 g.

...the traditional pasta shape handed down from generation to generation; unchanged by time, custom and cooking styles.


DID YOU KNOW: At the end of the 1700s, together with ‘pummarola’ (tomato sauce), this pasta was the original street food to nourish the population. Some will surely remember the captivating Ingrid Bergman lunching on this in the film Roman holiday by Roberto Rossellini in 1953, others the famous scene with Toto who eats the spaghetti with his hands in the 1954 film “Miserie e Nobilita” by Mario Mattoli. However, the most famous plate of spaghetti is the giant dish of pasta eaten by Alberto Sordi in “An american in Rome” by Steno in 1954. Spaghetti also makes an appearance in cartoons such as “Lily and the Tranp” by Walt Disney in 1955, confirming its universality.

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