Enzo Ferrera


“My job is a reflection of my love for the produce of the earth and especially ripe ears of wheat laden with grain; I select the best for milling into the semolina which is the start of our story.." 
Dr. Enzo Ferrera

Michele Corsaro


“Mixing the ingredients to obtain a magical harmony of flavours and with just the right consistency to produce the perfect product. It took years of experience to understand that my role requires all the creativity and craft of an artist, but every day I look for something more to make my product the best."
Michele Corsaro

Matteo Berruto


“I lead a dynamic team of experienced specialists, who don’t need to be asked to give their all. They already know what it means to look beyond the limits that separate the leading actor from the extras."
Matteo Berruto

Maria Cannova


“I play a key role in the process. The way I package our pasta communicates its unique identity to the customer and I know that we offer a product that is different from all the rest. That makes me proud to be a part of the team."
Maria Cannova

Marco Dominici


I think pasta is one food it is impossible to do without. Boxes going beyond any visible or invisible boundaries to reach you everywhere with the richness of a product made with passion and mastery."
Marco Dominici



  1. Pasta Cup it
    Our PASTA CUP is:
    - 100% MADE IN ITALY
    - Selected by Italians
    - 5 tasty recipes
    - High quality ingredients
    - not fried
    - no glutamate
    - no palm oil
    - no preversative
    - no colorant
    - It’s NATURAL
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