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    1. Gusto e Benessere


      Taste and Wellbeing is based on a very innovative solution, the use of highly selected materials and specific characteristics. 

      All ingredients we have chosen both cereals and legumes are GLUTEN FREE.

      The perfect balance between taste and high fiber content make this pasta a delight and a healthy solution.

      For those who can not give up anything, find in this pasta a great flavor and all the benefits of the vegan proteins.

    2. new entry 1881 bronzo

      Bronze Die 100% Italian Durum wheat

      Given the great success of the whole 1881 by Stefano Berruto Collection and the great demand for new formats, they come down in the field:

      120 - MEZZE MANICHE
      263 - TRECCE
      289 - MALTAGLIATI

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    3. Bronzo 1881

      100% Italian Wheat

      Bronze died pasta with the 1881 brand meets the highest quality standards that in turn have a positive impact on goodness on authenticity alike. This pasta is made exclusively with Italian wheat which is subject to stringent controls and dried at low temperatures. This processing method perfectly combines the needs of a modern and growing company with more traditional methods.

      The whole range includes 7 shapes:
      5 - SPAGHETTI
      163 - CASERECCE
      413 - MAFALDE
      439 - CONCHIGLIONI
      448 - LUMACONI
      469 - CALAMARATA
      470 - PACCHERI

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    4. truck 1881

      Our best selection

      It has started today the first truck, directed in France, with 1881 by Stefano Berruto range.

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      The sheer pleasure of pasta

      We are very glad to introduce the new range of Gluten Free Pasta.

      Pasta Berruto has developed a Gluten-free range, using corn and rice flours not containing gluten, which can be enjoyed even by people with more or less serious gluten based allergies. Although different basic ingredients are used, the effort in the development stage focused on retaining all the basic features of good pasta: proper cooking for the right consistency to the palate, excellent compatibility with all kinds of seasoning and an enticing, delighful flavour.

      The range includes 3 different shapes:
      5 - SPAGHETTI
      36 - FUSILLI
      31 - PENNE RIGATE

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