Pasta Berruto

Pasta Berruto


  • 1881

    The beginning of our pasta-making adventure dates back to two centuries ago, years in which 3 small artisan pasta factories were already active. The Italpasta company will be born from the merger of these realities.

  • 1922

    The Berruto family becomes the owner of a mill in Chieri where the wheat is ground for the production of flour and semolina, the roots of a family tradition that will be inextricably linked to pasta.
  • 1930

    Renato Arrighi founds the pasta factory of the same name in Carmagnola, launching the brand and starting to successfully distribute the product to the nascent large-scale retail trade. The path of this company soon led it, starting from the 70s, to turn primarily to the foreign market, so much so that in the 90s Arrighi was one of the leading exporters of pasta on the difficult market in the United States.
  • 1959

    The Berruto family expands the business activity by bringing together the experience and tradition gained by the three original pasta factories under a single brand; in fact, from their merger, the Italpasta company was born in La Loggia (TO), which started the production of different types of dry pasta.
  • 1986

    The Berruto family acquires the majority stake of Arrighi, revealing the firm will to unify the pasta-making traditions of the Piedmont area in which his entrepreneurial adventure is taking shape under a single management. The strength of this union lays the foundations for further business growth that will materialize in the years to come.
  • 2004

    The circle between the various protagonists of the historical journey closes, Pasta Berruto brings together the two main brands Arrighi and Italpasta, thus capitalizing on the production of pasta of all types and sizes over a century of experience and tradition.
    Having retained its vocation for exporting to markets around the world, the internationality and authority of the company was strengthened in 2007 with the entry into the shareholding of Webcor Group, an important multinational holding.
  • In 2014, an ambitious business expansion plan was launched, which passed in a very short time from the design study to the operational phase.
    Areas adjacent to the current plant have been acquired, for a total area almost doubled, on which the construction of new buildings is planned to support the company's production expansion.
    It is in fact the installation of new lines and the consequent necessary implementation of offices and spaces for the adequate storage of goods.
  • Today

    This will also lead to an expansion of staff and a search for highly qualified professionals, with the specific intent of further improving the already high quality standards of the product.
  • What a quality pasta looks like

    A uniform, amber yellow color without shading.

    A smooth surface after cooking and a sensation on the palate of pleasant resistance to chewing.

    A pleasant aroma that blends well with different condiments.

  • Which controls are carried out

    The production process is subjected in all its phases to strict controls, starting with the raw materials that are analyzed in our laboratory before acceptance.

    Controls continue throughout the processing up to packaging, storage and shipment of the pasta, phases in which an advanced traceability system is always active.

  • For the environment

    The industrial process for the production of dry pasta is extremely simple, requiring the use of only two basic raw materials, semolina and water.

    This allows us, with some precautions, to have a very low impact on the environment; in fact, the only atmospheric emissions produced are the water vapor generated by the drying process, while the company's discharges consist of clean water used for the cooling process of the pasta itself.

    We have equipped our factory with a photovoltaic system to integrate energy needs with an entirely renewable and non-polluting source.

  • Certifications

    The Pasta Berruto quality system is constantly updated in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 and the international standards GSFS (Global Standard for Full Safety) and IFS (International Food Standard), we also have the certificates for the production of organic, Halal, Kosher pasta. .

    To achieve these objectives, we purchase raw materials exclusively from the main Italian mills, we work them using the most modern technologies and we are very attentive to the care of every aspect that can improve the quality of the pasta.

  • Our corporate mission is identified with some concepts that we consider of absolute priority to build an optimal relationship with our business partners, based on mutual respect and trust in the work, and to offer the final customer a product of the highest quality and in line. with the requests and specific needs that every situation and consumption habit highlights.

    1. To cultivate sound principles and values in relationships that are the basis of the daily relationship with our staff and partners at all levels.
    2. To offer consumers quality products that comply with the standards required by the market.
    3. Achieve sustainable but constant growth and expansion of our brands and increase their knowledge in the markets in which we operate.
    4. Tackling new challenges with great dynamism and motivation.
    5. Becoming better every day than the last.
  • We care

    "My work comes from love for the fruits of the earth, ripe ears full of grains; I choose for you only the best that, when ground, become semolina and start our story".  Dr. Enzo Ferrera

  • Experience

    “Mix the ingredients to obtain a magical harmony, of flavors, of texture, of unexpected versatility. I don't remember exactly when I began to understand that my role was made of inspiration and creativity, but I can guarantee you that every day I look for a new little intuition to offer you the best. "Michele Corsaro

  • Passion

    "I manage a team of dynamic and close-knit collaborators, who don't need to ask to receive, who never lack the ability to look beyond the thin wall that divides the extras from the protagonists." Matteo Berruto

  • Personality

    "I know I am the important link in a chain. By dressing the pasta with its image, I communicate its uniqueness to the customer, with the awareness of offering a different product; an important message that fills me with pride. "Maria Cannova

  • Efficiency

    “I think pasta is a food that must never be missing. Boxes that go beyond visible and invisible boundaries to reach you anywhere with the goodness of a product made of skill and passion. "Marco Dominici

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