Pasta Berruto

Pasta Berruto
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Play Berruto PastaYourWay Upload your recipe

Join the fun and participate in the Berruto PastaYourWay Game, the perfect opportunity to show the world your culinary skills and share your most delicious creations!

We are excited to invite you to share your favorite recipe on our official Berruto PastaYourWay website.

It's simple and fun: upload your special recipe that represents the beauty and everyday life of your life!

What do you like to cook most? Is it that dish that reminds you of your childhood, or maybe the recipe you learned from your grandmother? Or maybe you created something completely new and original!

Whatever your specialty, we are eager to discover your culinary secrets.

Join our culinary community and share your experience using the hashtags #pastayourway, #inclusive, #stories.

We can't wait to see your recipes and try every single dish!


Don't waste time, let your culinary creativity shine through the Berruto PastaYourWay Game.

We look forward to sharing this culinary experience together!


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