Pasta Berruto

Pasta Berruto
Couvette Carmagnola

Couvette Carmagnola 2021

We pay homage to our Couvette

If you place an order by November 15th we will give you the metal Couvette with a wonderful image of Carmagnola from above, taken by the photographer Carlo Avataneo.

* to get the gift, the amount of your order must be at least € 50

You can buy in our SHOP the entire range of pasta and also all the OTHER products such as biscuits, coffee, tea, herbal teas, rice, flour, oil, vinegar, preparations, leavened products, chocolate, honey and delicacies.

We remind you that our Pasta is MADE IN PIEDMONT and that you can benefit from a much wider and more complete range, guaranteed convenience and knowledge that only the producer can guarantee.

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