Pasta Berruto

Pasta Berruto
Pasta Your Way Zoo inclusive stories

Pasta Your Way Inclusive Stories

The term #pasta is so present in the common Italian vocabulary of daily use that it is one of the very few Italian words to be used today in the world as it is, without being translated.

The use of this ingredient is very different and varied!

Because too often we forget that pasta is an # ingredient and not a # recipe!

So it is used freely in various recipes around the world.

Sometimes it is the protagonist perhaps in a dish in the restaurant of a great #Chef, other times it is next to a steak, as a side dish.

In some cases combined with other ingredients that we Italians do not normally use and there are many variations compared to the classic Italian recipes, one for all, the #carbonara.

What do you think: opportunities for Italian pasta or a threat?

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