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Pasta Berruto
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Important communication to customers

The CEO Stefano Berruto speaks directly:

"Dear customers, there have been so many who have appreciated our transparency, our direct contact that has allowed us to keep faith with the promise of having a unique value for money.

Unfortunately, for some months we have undergone huge increases in the cost of semolina. In addition to this, which already has a huge impact on our management, we have also recorded very strong increases in packaging and utilities.

This forces us to review our prices.

Therefore we inform you that from Tuesday 2 November, the prices of all our products will undergo increases.

It is our concern to continue to maintain the values ??that prompted us to open our Factory Store in Carmagnola and the online SHOP: choice, convenience and in-depth knowledge of the product. "

Until Tuesday 2 November the prices will remain unchanged.

The benefit of free shipping upon reaching 36 ears or purchasing our Box by Stefano Berruto, continues to be unchanged!

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