Pasta Berruto

Pasta Berruto
Pots of Italy nel Mondo

Berruto Pots of Italy win the hearts of consumers all over the world

The Berruto Pots of Italy, with their combination of practicality and authentic Italian taste, are conquering the hearts of consumers all over the world, practically arriving on every continent.

In fact, Pots are already available today in 27 countries, with a very rapid growth rate, allowing you to enjoy "Made in Italy" cuisine quickly and easily.

To cite a few examples, in Switzerland, Pots of Italy are now available in a major chain of fuel stations, offering travelers an authentic taste during their travels. In Kuwait they are on board a renowned airline, bringing our gastronomic excellence to the skies. But, just to continue to range around the world, even university cafes in Morocco have been won over by the authenticity of our recipes.

After three years of activity, the “Made in Carmagnola” project can boast a growing number of international successes.

We are proud to also be present in some relevant supermarket chains from the United States to Brazil to Poland, demonstrating that our commitment to quality is recognized globally.

The presence on global online sales platforms (in addition to the direct shop on the company website) has further expanded the range of action, making the Pots of Italy accessible to anyone who wishes to taste these products.

From our beginnings, we remember that one of the first and most significant orders came from a military base that we cannot mention for confidentiality.

However, in Italy, since it is not a strategic product, for now we have only activated our e-commerce which we monitor directly and, with great surprise, it has recorded incredible and growing success in recent months.

The Pots of Italy - the evolution of the Pasta Cup - offer a perfect solution for enjoying a healthy, quality meal while saving a lot of time, with the motto "A stress-free culinary experience".

With 10 recipes, from the traditional Tomato and Mozzarella to the more exclusive Truffle, each Pot is in fact an exploration into the genuine and authentic flavor of our country, without the hassle of long preparations.

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