Pasta Berruto

Pasta Berruto
Pannelli Fotovoltaici Berruto

We produce Solar Energy

We have completed the installation of a large PV plant with a production capacity of 1,200 Kwp.

We will produce about one million and four hundred thousand kilowatts / hour per year this will cover about 25% of our needs.

Another step towards decarbonisation and the use of renewable sources.

We remind you that from January 2022 we started to use only renewable energy produced from renewable sources such as water, sun, wind and heat from the earth (energy certified by the system according to the EC directive 2009/28 / EC).

The main emissions into the atmosphere consist of the water vapor generated by the drying process of the pasta and the industrial discharges essentially consist of “clean” water used for the cooling processes of the pasta.

We are also particularly sensitive to the disposal of packaging and we collaborate with the CONAI consortium.

We have been using cogeneration technology for sustainable energy production since 2000.

The plant uses a methane engine that produces electricity and thermal energy, the latter recovered from the gas combustion cycle; this system allows a strong energy saving and a good sustainability from the environmental point of view.


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